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Villa Bulan Madu Gili Air -  An oasis in Paradise

Villa Sorga

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5. Villa Sorga

Two rooms, living space of approximately 115 square meters (1240 square foot) and 400 square meters (4300 square foot) private tropical garden.
Villa Sorga (“Sorga” is Indonesian and can be translated into “paradies”) consists of: two rooms, ceiling fan and climate control, cold and hot warm fresh water (not salt water), open bathroom, a small kitchen with refrigerator, a spacious tropical garden with garden shower (tree design) as well as two private Brugas with power sockets and WLAN. Each Bruga is equipped with mosquito nets. Additionally in each garden there is a table to eat with sunshade and -naturally- canvas chairs to enjoy the sun. Soon a TV and DVD-player will be added.

View onto bungalow 5 - Villa Sorga

The sleeping room

Sleeping room with built-in couch and view to the sleeping bruga

View from outside to the living terrace

view into the living room

view into the bathroom

view into the bathroom with open-air shower

Villa Sorga