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Villa Bulan Madu Gili Air -  An oasis in Paradise


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Province Nusa Tengara Barat (NTB), also known as Small Sunda Islands, includes Bali and eastern islands till Timor.
The two main islands of this province are Lombok and Sumbawa. In Lombok difference between western and eastern Indonesian flora and fauna starts. The northern part of this island is mountainous and green - high trees cover the beautiful land. The southern part is dry and covered with savanna. Huge Asian animals are missing. The more you go eastern, the more you can recognize this change. Dry periods are harder and longer. Therefore corn and sago instead of rice are main source of food.
Island of Lombok has white, unspoiled beaches, an old culture and is only divided from Bali through small sea passage. Lombok is currently discovered as a beautiful tourist island with personality and individual charm.
The motto is: "Here you can see Bali in Lombok, but not vice versa".
Despite of strong Bali influences historically Lombok has remained its very own culture. As in 16th century Islam came onto this island, four Hindu kingdoms were ruling in peaceful co-existence on these islands, known today as Nusa Tengara Barat. Currently Hindu oriented Bali people are main group of western Lombok inhabitants. The native inhabitants, called Sasaks, are mainly Muslim oriented, as also inhabitants of neighbouring island Sumbawa. Cultural appearance of these islands are built by four main groups of people. Bali, Sumbawa people, Bima people and the Dompu. The region is well known for its Ikat-weaving. Cows and horses are main export goods of these islands.

Map of Lombok

Airport Mataram on Lombok
Airport Mataram on Lombok

View from the rain forest
from Lombok to Gili Air View from the rain forest from Lombok to Gili Air