Villa Bulan Madu Gili Air -  An oasis in Paradise Villa Bulan Madu - Gili Air

Villa Bulan Madu Gili Air -  An oasis in Paradise


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Around 17.000 islands, snuggled like pearls around the equator was a favourite immigration country throughout the centuries.  
The emigrants from southern China followed by the Indians, Portuguese and the Dutch. They all brought their cultures, languages and religions, left monuments and thoughts which melted together and emerged into a unique culture besides its diverse landscapes this is the essence of the island republic.  
Since its independence the government tries to unite hundreds of ethnic groups, languages and religions.  
The wisely chosen national slogan says:

 „Bhinneka Tunggal Ika“ - „Unity in its diversity"  

Indonesia is a country in change, on the verge to be industrialised and simultaneously a country with ancient traditions, holy places, interesting ancient cultures and fascinating landscapes.

Map of Indonesia
Map of Indonesia