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We happily organize for you trips to the most interesting and most beautiful places in the near or not so near neighbourhood.

The beach of Bulan Madu:

The beach of Bulan Madu on Gili Air – Indonesia
The beach of Bulan Madu on Gili Air – Indonesia
The beach of Bulan Madu on Gili Air – Indonesia
The beach of Bulan Madu on Gili Air – Indonesia

Sunset at Bulan Madu on Gili Air – Indonesia

Punkt Gili Meno is located between Gili Air and Gili Trawangan. The small island can be circled in less than two hours. In the middle of the island there is a small salt production facility and a plantation for coconut palms. The newest attraction is the “Gili Meno Bird Park”. In these natural developed park hundreds of different tropical birds from different areas of Indonesian rain forests.
Punkt Gili Trawangan, the most turbulent of three Gili islands and is called frequently disco island. Nearly every day you can enjoy good and large parties which are heavenly visited. Here, as well as on the other two Gili islands, motor driven vehicles are forbidden. The only transport possibilities are horse drawn-carriages equipped with a small bell (Cidomos). Gili Trawangan can be circled in approximately three hours.
Punkt Glass bottom boat trips will show you deeply into tropical diversity of species under Indonesian water.
Punkt Fishing
Punkt Night fishing
Punkt Snorkeling - Gili Air is surrounded by many spectacular coral reefs, turtles, mantas and much more. Here you have the possibility to discover the magnificent underwater world and be astonished.
Punkt romantic boat trips
Punkt all-day-excursion to Lombok
Punkt Excursion to vulcano Rinjano on Lombok (12225 foot) (3.726 m). The last eruption has been 1. October 2004. Through the Gunung (mountain) Rinjani national park, founded 1997, the mountain is protected. Trekking tours to crater lake Segara Anak. More than twenty villages are surrounding this holy - for the inhabitants - mountain. There the goddess Anjani shall have his seat there.
Punkt At a Sassak tour on Lombok you visit e. g. the villages Sengkol and Rembitan. Here the Sassak inhabitants still live in their traditional houses.
Punkt Waterfall tour on Lombok - This excursion brings you to one of the most beautiful waterfalls on Lombok at the base of 3726 meters (12225 foot) high volcano Rinjani. After experience of diversified Lombok coast line you can enjoy the fertile inland with its green rice terraces. A small hiking tour brings you to the holy Sinaru waterfall within the tropical rain forests. Thereafter you walk over wooden bridges and between lianas to the second and even more impressive waterfall.
Punkt Diving (on Gili Air you can find three diving centres)
Punkt With the speed boat to Bali - a worthwhile alternative to flying, if you want to visit the island of ghosts, gods and demons. From Gili Air directly to Benoa harbor on Bali the trip takes - depending on water flow conditions between two and two and a half hours. The flying time from Lombok to Bali is approximately twenty five minutes (without additional time driving to and from the airport).

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